Antique Furniture From My Parents Basement

Hey beautiful friends; thank you so much for stopping by today! I’m excited to share with you the furniture my parents gifted me. If you watch my Instagram stories you know my parents are going tiny and have gifted several of their furniture pieces to me. I can’t thank you all enough for following along on this journey with me! I have such a wonderful time sharing the ups and downs with you along the way. You guys and gals are the absolute best! Without further ado let’s jump right in.

The first piece I’d like to share is a hand carved coffee table my father inherited from my wonderful grandparents. My grandparents inherited it from my grandmother’s parents. I’m not sure how old it is but its very ornate and beautiful. My grandparents have additional matching pieces that I can’t wait to pick very soon! One thing my father made me promise is to never paint this piece. He spent hours stripping yucky mustard paint off it and can’t bare to see the original wood covered up again. Luckily I love the way it looks all striped down so he has nothing to worry about. It does need a bit of TLC and one of these days i’ll sand down the top just a little to clean up all the scratches. 

Next, is this gorgeous hand-carved oval hoop came off the hand carved table I mentioned above. The table used to have glass on the top of it to cover the detailed carving and the hoop went on top of the glass to hold the glass in place. I’m not sure how or when but the glass broke at some point. Although I love the way it looks without the glass anyways and now we have two beautiful pieces, I plan to add glass to the hoop and make it into a picture frame to hold one of our wedding photos eventually.

Next up is our sewing machine table my father got from an estate sale for under $10 (he can’t remember exactly what he paid). My dad can’t pass up a good deal, I think I have him to blame for all the many things I’ve collected over the years. It sat in my parent’s basement collecting dust for years. I currently have it in my dining room but I don’t think I’ll end up keeping it there because I already have too much furniture in that room. I plan to paint it an off-white and distress it a bit to show off some of the beautiful details it has. I’ll keep you posted on what color I end up choosing and where it will end up.

Next are the two Sewing machine desks. These were actually birthday gifts and were a surprise because they’re keeping the one I wanted, so these kinda don’t belong on the list but they arrived with everything else so I’m going to add them. I have always admired my parent’s sewing machine desk. The old wood and cast iron legs… oh, the detail makes my heart race. These are pieces I have always dreamed of owning and now I have two! I will likely sell one but for now, I have two. Maybe I’ll transform one into something other than a desk… there are lots you can do with the beautiful legs.

I also received four storage trunks. I plan to use at least two of them in our kid’s rooms one day to store all their toys. But for now two will stay in the basement and the other two will be used for pillow storage and a window seat for the dogs.

The next one is our new buffet I painted white and you know all about it if you read last weeks post so I’ll link that post if you wish to learn more about it. (link to buffet post)

Next up is a nightstand. This nightstand is one of those priceless pieces of furniture you’ve had since you were a kid and it holds more value then it’s worth. This nightstand was my moms nightstand when she was a kid and mine while I was growing up. I refinished it with a light gray paint last year. I can’t wait for my kids to use it as well one day.

Of course, my parents also made me take my dolls and stuffed animal collection which I’ve been saving for our future children at their house. They also returned all my horse tack and riding equipment. As many of you might not know, horseback riding is one of my many passions. My horse passed away last year so I don’t own one anymore but my parents still own three. I wonder if my parents are getting the horses their own tiny barn? Knowing my mother she will likely find land with a large barn for all of them and add more horses to the family with the money she’s going to save going tiny. She’s always spent more time outside with my siblings and all our animals then she did inside anyways.

I had no clue I had so much stuff at my parents still; I also have no clue where my dad plans to hid all of his antique finds once they’re all moved into their tiny house. Maybe my mom will have a large barn for the horses and my father will have a shop to store all his finds and they’ll live in a tiny home so they can travel more often at a lower cost. I’m so excited and proud of my parents for finally chasing their dreams! I can’t wait to share more updates!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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