My Recent Estate Sale Finds

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I’ve had a lot of questions about my recent estate sale finds so I thought I’d gather up all my deals and put together a post. Estate sailing is one of my favorite things to do when I have a bit of extra cash. I love looking through old houses and hunting for lost treasures. I’ve found so many great items for unreal low prices.

First up are these silver plates… I have found lots and lots of these at estate sales for half in some cases less than half the price that I see at antique stores. I plan to make a plate wall very soon! I just need to find the best way to hang such heavy plates.

Next up are these three chairs that I got for $5 total. Yes, that’s right $5 for all three. I plan to use the two brown chairs as plant holders. I will likely cut a hole in the seat area and place a terracotta pot filled with vibrant flowers in the coming weeks when the weather warms up and stays warm. I love that they have a picket fence kinda look. I immediately pictured them in my garden holding overflowing potted flowers.

This beautiful green chippy chair will stay as is. I agree with the 60% that voted to keep it green. I never would have ever thought I’d fall in love with a chippy green chair but I have!

These books were a steal!! I got all of them for $3. The lady said she was gonna throw them to the curb so I should have waited and garbage picked them but I’m so glad I got them for so cheap. I have big plans for them. I may rip the covers off a few and add lace and twine or keep a few as is and use them as decor. If your wondering no I don’t plan to read them.  My husband thinks I’m crazy for buying them all especially since I don’t plan to read them… but he just doesn’t see the potential.

Next up are these table runners and laundry drying cart (I think that’s what it is). I got all three for $3… YEP $3. I think the table runners are handmade.  Both are a little different and are a great find for the price. As for the laundry cart, I’ve already put it to good use since we have a never-ending supply of laundry. I can’t even begin to image how moms keep up with laundry.

I’m always on the lookout for white pitchers, as they’re the perfect touch to any space. I found two for under $4 each.

Last up is an old wood stool with ugly green fabric. I plan to reupholster it but I just need to find the fabric I want to use and the time to do it. I got this stool for $7.

I also put together a post (link) on the tips and tricks I use to get such great deals at estate sales. Head over to that post if you’re interested in getting great deals. Have you ever found an incredible deal at an estate sale? What was your strategy? I would love to hear some feedback! You can also find me on Facebook and chat with me on Instagram!

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