Vintage Buffet Makeover

Hello friends; It’s me again, thank you for stopping by!! I got this beautiful buffet from my parent’s basement. My parents had planned to use it as a bathroom vanity but they recently decided to go tiny. That’s right they’re selling their house and buying a tiny one. So this is one of the many pieces of furniture I’ve acquired from them as they’re getting rid of almost everything. I was really excited when they offered it to me because I’ve been dreaming of adding a buffet to our dining room for years.

Unfortunately, the buffet was damaged from sitting in my parent’s basement for years. It had water damage and chippy veneer. It needed some love!

First up I needed to fix the water damaged veneer door because it had a huge bubble. My dad showed me how to fix the water damaged veneer door by using a hot iron and a damp kitchen towel. It was really simple; you just iron the damp towel over the bubbled veneer to flatten it out. It took time and patience as the bubble didn’t iron out right away but it worked! I added wood glue under the veneer using a butter knife to get in and under the veneer cracks and groves. Then I clamped the veneer tight and let it dry overnight. This processes took some of the finish off the veneer but I didn’t mind because I’m planning on painting the door. This did mean I needed to sand the door after the veneer dried in place because the surface was now rough.

After sanding, next up I filled in the chippy veneer sections with wood putty. Now on to paint- I decided to use Rust-Oleum chalk paint in their linen white color.

I even distressed it a bit! I always get a little nervous when distressing because I hate messing up a great paint job. But I’m so glad I decided to distress it, I think it really makes all the little details pop.

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! The white paint color has really brightened up our dining room and now I also want to paint our hutch white to brighten up the dining room even more. As if I need another project.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Lisa Tornabene

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